• 22.01.15

    2015 Developers’ Meeting

    Program of the 2015 developers meeting, held on 14th January 2014 in ICTP. (more…)

  • 18.11.14

    Quantum ESPRESSO v.5.1.1

    Version 5.1.1 of Quantum ESPRESSO is available for download.

  • 15.09.14

    Quantum ESPRESSO Events 2015

    Advanced Quantum ESPRESSO Developers’ Training (January 19-30, 2015 ) will be held at ICTP Trieste, Italy. This workshop is a great opportunity to close the gap between the theory and the implementation of Kohn-Sham DFT and to learn how to code your own ideas within Quantum ESPRESSO. Register here: (deadline: October 30, 2014) [Note that the training takes place right after another event held at ICTP: "Total energy and force methods 2015" ]


is an integrated suite of Open-Source computer codes for electronic-structure calculations and materials modeling at the nanoscale. It is based on density-functional theory, plane waves, and pseudopotentials.