2013 Developers meeting


The next developers meeting will be held 9th January 2013 in SISSA, in the Red Room of the SISSA library. The tentative program is as follows:

9h00-9h15 Welcome
9h15-10h00 The Quantum ESPRESSO project and foundation (S. Baroni) (slides)
10h15-10h30 Overview of last year’s progresses (P. Giannozzi) (slides)
10h30-11h00 Collaborative development: how to efficiently use svn (L. Martin-Samos) (slides)
11h00-11h15 Coffee break
11h15-12h00 HPC and PRACE (F. Affinito, C. Cavazzoni, L. Martin-Samos, P. Giannozzi)
12h00-12h30 Quantum ESPRESSO on heterogeneous systems (F. Spiga) (slides)

12h30-14h00 Lunch break

14h00-14h45 ASE: Atomistic Simulation Environment (T. Olsen) (slides)
14h45-15h15 Quantum ESPRESSO interface for ASE (L. Tornatore) (slides)
15h15-15h30 Coffee break
15h30-16h00 Validation and verification: all-electron (M. Monni and E. Kucukbenli) (slides)
16h00-16h30 Spin-orbit related spectroscopy (U. Gerstmann) (slides)
16h30 – Discussion and plans for the future