How to cite?

Quantum ESPRESSO is an Open Source distribution. We shall greatly appreciate if scientific work done using Quantum ESPRESSO will contain an explicit acknowledgement and the following reference:

P. Giannozzi, et al J.Phys.:Condens.Matter, 21, 395502 (2009) . (BibTeX format).

Please also see the user documentation of each specific package for further recommended citations.

How to download?

Quantum ESPRESSO is currently distributed as source packages, but selected binary packages for Linux and Windows are also available. Since v.6.0 the distribution is split into sources, tests, examples, plus a few specialized packages and plug-ins. These packages can be automatically downloaded and installed on demand after the installation of the base distribution: see the general documentation for more information.

The current stable version and the previous ones until v.4.1.3 can be downloaded from the download page of the developers’ portal QE-forge. Here one can also find binary packages for Windows, courtesy of Axel Kohlmeyer, and the GPU-enabled version, courtesy of Filippo Spiga. About the latter: please see the q-e-gpu project QE-forge page for more information, download and installation instructions. For Intel Phi, see this link.

The Schrödinger-enabled version of Quantum ESPRESSO can be downloaded here.

Previous versions up to and including v.4.1.2 can be found here .

Binary packages for Linux are available in the Debian stable and testing distributions, courtesy of DebiChem maintainers.

(last updated: December 20, 2016)