Developers meeting 2019

The 2019 Quantum ESPRESSO developers' meeting was held in SISSA, Trieste, on Jan. 7 (room 113) and Jan. 8 (room 128-129). Some preliminary documents can be found here and here. Program:

January 7th 2019

14:30-17:30: discussion on the status, actions to be taken, perspectives, of the GPU porting, also in view of MaX activities (Slides).

January 8th 2019

10:00-13:00: Round table on plans for the future (Slides) with focus on

  • New developments to be included in future releases
  • Documentation, in particular for developers
  • Modules and libraries to be extracted from QE and made ready for usage by other codes
  • Refactoring of ab initio molecular dynamics and related stuff
  • Refactoring and modularisation of linear response codes

14:00-16:00: For all of the above points: identification of actions to be taken, resources, duties to assign. (Final Report)